Religious Sights in Szeged


During this tour we can have a thorough visit in the symbol of Szeged, the Votive Church, admire the rococo icons of the Serb Ortodox Church, go to one of the most beautiful synagogues of the world and visit the Franciscan Monastery in Alsóváros. After prior notice it is also possible to visit other religious sights like the Diocesan Treasury, the Serb Ortodox Exhibition, the calvinist churches, the lutheran church in Tisza Lajos körút, the greek-catholic Szent Rozália chapel and other roman catholic churches.

The length of the city tour

2 X 3 hours with a lunch break


Giuding in English: 60 000 HUF/group (appr. 160 Euros/group)
Plus entrance fees per person:
Serb Ortodox Church: 200-400 HUF depending on group size
New synagogue: adult - 1200 HUF; student - 600 HUF
Cathedral: 300 HUF
Tram tickets (2/person ): 700 HUF