Mészáros Andrea

I was disappointed the first time I visited Szeged. It happened some 26 years ago when I arrived to take my college entrance exam on a very hot May day. Coming from a hilly Transdanubian town I could not help but wonder, how could people live in a place so dusty and flat? Though I am still a big fan of the hills and mountains, over the years I gradually learned to value the things only this region can give. Look at the cloudy sky over the great plain. Watch a sunset. Or go to the market on a Saturday morning and you will immediately understand what I mean.
Szeged for me is a very nice and cosy place to live with several unique buildings, a rich history, comfortable distances and friendly people. It is much more than the hometown of the famous Hungarian paprika. Its existence in itself is a powerful symbol of hope and rebirth.
If you would like to learn more about Szeged or the South-East region of Hungary, or if you would like a local guide in Ópusztaszer, Kecskemét, Gyula, Szarvas or Békéscsaba, I would be pleased to accompany you. Be my guest!

Andrea Mészáros, registered tour guide