... for those who want to see, enjoy
and understand the city...


The best way to explore the city of Szeged is on foot. In three hours we can stroll the main streets and squares and spend some time in the Votive Church, the symbol of Szeged. During this walk we can catch the feeling of the town, get an outline on its history and see the majority of the most important tourist sights from outside.


If you only have one or two hours to spend for sightseeing, I will show you the places and tell you the basics you must know and see in order to be able to say that you have been to Szeged: we go to Tisza river, to Dóm Square, the Kárász Street and Széchenyi Square. And then you can run/drive/fly further... (What a pity!)


For those who have a whole day to spend in Szeged I have great news: it's worth it!
Amending the "Three Hours in Szeged" tour we will have the opportunity to see the beautiful dome and the stain-glass windows of the New Synagogue and we will visit the medival Franciscan monastery in Alsóváros.


During this tour we can have a thorough visit in the symbol of Szeged, the Votive Church, admire the rococo icons of the Serb Ortodox Church, go to one of the most beautiful synagogues of the world and visit the Franciscan Monastery in Alsóváros. After prior notice it is also possible to visit other religious sights like the Diocesan Treasury, the Serb Ortodox Exhibition, the calvinist churches, the lutheran church in Tisza Lajos körút, the greek-catholic Szent Rozália chapel and other roman catholic churches.


In Szeged you can find numerous unique buildings of the Hungarian art - noveau. In a three-hours tour we go to see most of these buildings, climb the water tower in Szent István Square and visit the beautiful New Synagogue. We will get acquainted with the brave ideas and the tragic fate of Ede Magyar, the architect of the most exciting buildings. Water lilies, barrels, horses, fragile tin-ladies are waiting patiently for us to be noticed.

My favourite


... is served at the "Hetes" café in Horváth Mihály Street (in a few steps from the Széchenyi Square). They always have two different blends, a lighter (a bit sour and fruity) and a traditional Italian one. The young baristas do their best to treat you with a perfect coffee.


As it is known, the sun almost always shines in Szeged.
What is the weather like today?


I was disappointed the first time I visited Szeged. It happened some 26 years ago when I arrived to take my college entrance exam on a very hot May day. Coming from a hilly Transdanubian town I could not help but wonder, how could people live in a place so dusty and flat? Though I am still a big fan of the hills and mountains, over the years I gradually learned to value the things only this region can give. Look at the cloudy sky over the great plain. Watch a sunset. Or go to the market on a Saturday morning and you will immediately understand what I mean.
Szeged for me is a very nice and cosy place to live with several unique buildings, a rich history, comfortable distances and friendly people. It is much more than the hometown of the famous Hungarian paprika. Its existence in itself is a powerful symbol of hope and rebirth.
If you would like to learn more about Szeged or the South-East region of Hungary, or if you would like a local guide in Ópusztaszer, Kecskemét, Gyula, Szarvas or Békéscsaba, I would be pleased to accompany you. Be my guest!

Andrea Mészáros, registered tour guide