A Walk in Art-Noveau


In Szeged you can find numerous unique buildings of the Hungarian art - noveau. In a three-hours tour we go to see most of these buildings, climb the water tower in Szent István Square and visit the beautiful New Synagogue. We will get acquainted with the brave ideas and the tragic fate of Ede Magyar, the architect of the most exciting buildings. Water lilies, barrels, horses, fragile tin-ladies are waiting patiently for us to be noticed.

The length of the city tour

Appr. 3 hours


Guiding in English: 30 000 HUF/group (appr. 80 Euros/group)
Plus entrance fees per person:
Water tower: 310 HUF
New synagogue: adult - 1200 HUF; student - 600 HUF
Reök-palace: 500 HUF